Innovation And Transparency Are Our Core Principles

Since launching our first SMA in 2008, we have worked hard to deliver a better investing experience to our clients by making the entire process easier and more transparent.

About Us

DeskTrading is the next generation trading platform based on Separately Managed Accounts technology for highly scalable and efficient investment management. Our model is unique in its focus on innovation, transparency and customization. This unique combination is what sets us apart from the competition and helps us gain a premium position in the foreign exchange markets. We constantly improve our technology to help investors achieve their investment goals while reducing excess risk. We apply deep fundamental research and believe that well-designed, balanced investment portfolios are essential to achieve long-term investment goals.

Key Facts

  • Founded: 2005
  • First SMA Launched: 2008
  • Trading Facilities: 2
  • Active Traders: 14
  • Client Accounts: 120+
  • Assets Under Management: US$70M


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Our History


Global Success

With over $70 million of assets under management and more than 120 investors worldwide, DeskTrading is one of the prominent portfolio managers in the FX field globally.


XDesk Launch

DeskTrading launches XDesk, a revolutionary trading platform based on Separately Managed Accounts technology.


Trading Floor In Europe

DeskTrading launches a new trading floor in Europe to manage over €20 million worth of portfolios for European clients.


DeskTrading Platform Launch

We underwent significant transformations. From a private asset management group in Hong Kong, DeskTrading has grown to become a professional managed account platform for clients in Asia and Europe.


MT4Bridge System Launch

Trading Bridge introduces the MT4Bridge trading solution, a powerful yet lightweight MetaTrader automation plugin for fully automated trading portfolio management.


Trading Bridge Group Launch

We launched in 2008 as a private investment management group for several hign net worth clients in Hong Kong.

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